Tầm nhìn - Sứ mệnh

Tầm nhìn - Sứ mệnh

vision & mission


- Maintaining a high annual growth rate, total output increased 3 times compared to 2010. Maximize domestic customers, expand export markets, continue to invest in new modern equipment, automatically automation to maximize quality and output.

- Invest in resource development, training and recruitment with preferential policies to create good human resources for the company to manage and establish customers.

- Diversifying business activities, along with the development of packaging production, the company moves to expand trade in products for the plastic packaging industry.


“THAVINA GROUP is a positioning brand in the field of plastic packaging in the domestic and international markets.”

Power Trade

With the goal of being in the leading plastic packaging company in Vietnam, Thavina will shine a brand associated with: responsive capacity, high quality, advanced technology, after-sales cycle.

Customers are the focus

Customers are always at the heart of policy and strategy planning. We always strive to satisfy our customers with quality and complete service.

New changes and improvements

Research and development to increase value in the Company's activities with the goal of maximizing the benefits of stakeholders.

Personal Development

We always create a favorable environment for all individuals to maximize their potential. We promote knowledge development, encourage new ideas and implement innovative applications.

Responsibility to the environment and community

We are committed to linking the quality of products and services, ensuring production safety with the protective environment and community.