Máy móc - Thiết bị

Máy móc - Thiết bị


 1. Blower

Blowing - film forming machine is invested with modern, automatic, multi-layer equipment from Taiwan. Always meet diverse features for many types of structures in the production of composite film packaging.

Ensure and maintain stability of blown film quality. Continuously updating information on technological improvements in the blown film industry

 2. Gravure printer max. 250 m/min

With the growing trend and the need to diversify models, small and medium orders are required more and more. Fast and reliable conversion has thus become a key factor in the gravure printing industry. Thavina, with its mastery of high-speed printing machinery and equipment, and can print film sizes from 500-1250 mm, is designed according to European technology standards (ITALY). Automatic color overlay system, outstanding level of accuracy.

 3. High speed film laminating machine 220m/min

High speed film laminating machine makes a difference in productivity and product quality for customers. With modern laminating machine equipment, Thavina always ensures the best product quality with all types of membrane structures. In addition, high-speed equipment is also one of the leading strengths to meet the delivery schedule as well as advanced technical solutions for quickly and efficiently changing operations for those Orders change frequently.

 4. Roll splitter

Automated packaging needs of customers require film rolls to meet technical standards. To satisfy these factors, Thavina always attaches great importance to and owns equipment such as a roll splitter with fast speed, tension, accurate counting, etc., which produces beautiful finished rolls, which is convenient for packaging on automatic packaging machines.

 5. Bag Making Machine

Thavina with diverse and rich bag making machine equipment best meets the needs of customers in terms of product design and quality. The new generation of bag making machines are capable of creating a wide range of bag designs from simple to complex.

Some other machines and equipment